Thursday, December 4, 2008


. . . for more paint.  

Oil on panel 

Oil on panel


I Want To Be An Artist said...

Hi! Got your message. I think that you are very talented. You have a natural ability to paint 'life' that I can only seek and hopefully one day find.

Double "D" said...

Love the top pose and
the preliminary brush strokes.
I really like looking at the
beginning of a painting.
I think you blog will be very successful.

Rob Carey said...

These are exceptional- so many great pieces.

Johnnie Sielbeck said...

Thank you Rob, Doug and Myra!

MANPOLO said...


Diane said...

Absolutely fabulous. Richard Schmidt, the great portrait artist, said that much of his success was do to his wife coming into the studio and telling him when to stop painting... This painting lets the viewer finish the painting... it gives it life.

Marian Fortunati said...

Beautiful work!!!
I guess you like painting better than blogging!

Your work IS extraordinary!

Johnnie Sielbeck said...

Thanks, Marian! You're right: blogging is not at the top of my list...I really do need to post something new.

Daniel Peci said...

I like your first study.